espacio artkunstarte


2014   14.02 - 10.05

exposition personnelle,
sur une proposition de r/e projects

espacio artkunstarte is pleased to present Ruptures, Mathieu Bonardet's debut solo exhibition, on view February 14 - May 10, 2014.

Mathieu Bonardet is a multimedia-artist whose work eschews classification, pushing the boundaries that define drawing, sculpture, and performance. While utilizing the simplest of tools (graphite and the body), the complexity that Bonardet achieves with his work deals with the many tensions that exist between artist, materials, the viewer and the space art occupies.

The video piece Line(s), 2011, immediately sets the tenor of the presentation, welcoming the viewer into the exhibition space that has specifically been laid out to direct the movement, and thus the experience of the viewer. Bonardet is seen almost life-size in the video in an energetic, perhaps even violent act of creating a wall drawing. The viewer's body becomes included in the piece as he/she is forced to stand in the line of the beam of the projector creating a shadow, immediately relating the viewer's own body to that of the artist. The performative act of drawing as he runs back and forth to create graphite lines along the wall not only addresses Bonardet's interest in the horizon-line's power both in composition and for reflexion, but also tests the physical limits of the artist and his materials.

Bonardet further tests these limits with Interstice, 2014, an installation piece he has created specifically for the exhibition. An angled wall reveals a small gap, just large enough for the artists' arm to enter but too deep to reach the end of. In this space, Bonardet creates a performative drawing as far as his body will allow; a powerful metaphor of the limits and the futility of the artistic process.

Untitled (flamenco), 2013 combines video and sculptural drawing with great economy. On the video, a performer dances to a flamenco beat in rigorous repetition on a platform that has been completely covered in graphite. On the wall we see the result of this performance, still a minimalist graphite surface where the exhausting performance has left ever so slight an evidence of itself.

Untitled, 2014, a graphite on paper mounted on board floor-sculpture and another wall drawing, Tension Line, 2014 round off the exhibition with works that energize the gallery environs as they work within the architecture of the space, leave evidence of their creation, and push our perceptions of "drawing" to their furthest limits.

Mathieu Bonardet lives and works in Paris. He received his education at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, graduating in 2013. His work has already gained special notice and he has received numerous honors, including the International Takifuji Art Award (2013), the Prix des amis des Beaux-Art: Prix agnès b. (2011), and the Prix Diamond (2010). Ruptures is in part the result of a residency program that Bonardet has been awarded by r/e Projects.

espacio artkunstarte, Juan de Mena 12, 28014 Madrid